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Brick- Types of brick

Brick selection is among the most important decisions you will make when customizing your home's appearance. Brick is, after all, the visual foundation of your home, often making up three-quarters or more of the exterior walls.

Extruded BrickExtruded
The crisp, angular edges of extruded
brick are produced as a result of the
manufacturing process in which
material is forced through a
die under high pressure, forming
a stiff column of material.

Molded BrickMolded
The soft irregular edges of molded brick
are produced in a manufacturing process
in which material is dropped into a mold
box, vibrated and then released. Molded
brick usually have sand finish textures.

Handmade BrickHandmade
Glen-Gery Authentic Handmade brick is
a perfect example of old-world
craftsmanship. Each brick is individually
formed and placed in a wooden mold to
create a wonderfully textured brick.

Papercut BrickPapercut
Papercut brick is manufactured by
placing a sheet of kraft paper on top
of an extruded column of material
prior to cutting into individual units.

Tumbled Brick

The appeal of this "used brick" look
comes from the quaint and charming
irregularity evident not only in the
surface teture, but also in the
variation seen when laid up in a wall.

Thin Brick     Thin Brick
     Thin Brick veneer looks like a
     conventional brick masonry wall,
     yet weighs considerably less.

Thin BrickGlazed
Glen-Gery's glazed brick meets
the highest standards of uniformity,
quality and durability, and is available
in a variety of beautiful shades,
pure colors and speckled surfaces.                                  The use of glazed brick is typically reserved for commercial construction.

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